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Congratulations to Showtechled on the successful acceptance of the application for high-tech enterpr

Issuing time:2021-07-16 10:53

Recently, Showtechled's application for high-tech enterprise certification was   officially   accepted by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission.


High-tech enterprises have higher requirements for innovation   capabilities   and sales   growth rates in R&D, the proportion of scientific and technological personnel, R&D investment, and so on. Showtechled focuses on R&D investment and the training of R&D   personnel. The core members of the R&D team have 18 years of R&D experience in the LED display industry, and have developed outdoor mesh screens/transparent screens and lightweight outdoor fixed screens with industry advantages. The products have passed CE /FCC and other tests, obtained nearly 10 patents and copyrights.

Showtechled attaches great importance to product quality and customer service, makes every order carefully, and has won extensive praise and support from customers. Showtechled sales has been growing rapidly year after year, and its financial data has excellent performance, which meets the requirements of high-tech enterprises.

The successful acceptance of the high-tech application by Showtechled is a   preliminary recognition of Showtechled' R&D and technical investment. Showtechled will continue   to increase R&D investment, continue to innovate, and create more valuable outdoor large screens for customers to repay customers' trust and support.