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Always in The Pursuit of Innovation On The Road!  Showtechled Has Got 4 New Utility Model Patents

Issuing time:2022-05-13 15:45

Innovation is the foundation of the development of an enterprise, Showtechled attaches great importance to the investment in product research and development, always on the road of innovation. In view of customers and industry pain points, Showtechled has carried out a series of innovations on all products and new products to solve customers' pain points, and products in the industry have been widely praised and praised by customers.

The 4 patents are as follows:

1) LED display steel structure

2) LED display with mask module

3) Transparent screen box

4) LED waterproof positive luminous modular transparent screen

Relevant patent certificate. Continuous innovation, providing moat for enterprise development through patent, protecting intellectual property rights, making scientific and technological innovation the driving force of enterprise development has always been the goal and purpose of Shenzhen Showtechled Co., Ltd.

IP16-一种新型可调安装平面的LED显示屏钢结构_00.jpgIP17-一种户外格栅透明LED显示屏带面罩模组_00.jpg18-实用新型专利证书  一种新型户外格栅屏透明屏箱体-深圳市翰锐光电有限公司_00.jpg19-实用新型专利证书  户外LED防水正发光模块化透明屏-深圳市翰锐光电有限公司_00.jpg