Solution: Glasses-free 3D solution

Glasses-free 3D solution

Application of holographic image performance: people or objects that cannot appear on the scene are displayed on the stage through holographic images. Achieve the effect of combining virtual reality with real ones. The combination of holographic image technology and real actors enables real people to interact with various virtual objects such as water, fire and light, adding more magical colors to the whole performance.

The application of holographic images in product display and exhibition: the application of holographic image technology to product display cabinets, the combination of physical products with holographic images floating in the air, and more introduction of the uniqueness of products. For example: the use of holographic images in auto shows can let customers know more about the performance and materials of this car.

The application of holographic images in the education industry: Get rid of the previous course form of just looking at the projected ppt; apply holographic image technology to the course, display the ppt courseware in front of the lecturer, and the lecturer appears in the course that needs to be explained, which is more vivid. It is easier for students to understand what the lecturer tells.

The application of holographic image in fashion week: apply holographic image technology to model catwalk, display of real model and virtual model, more display of brand diversity, and bring concept TV advertisement into live performance.