LED Thin And Light Screen FB 7.8

Quick Detail:FB 7.8

Pixel Pitch: 7.81mm
Brightness: 6000cd/㎡
Cabinet size: 1000(W)×1000(H)×75(D)mm
Cabinet weight: 21kg
Viewing angle: 160°(horz.), 160° (vert.)
Refresh rate: 3840Hz
Maintenance type: Front/ Back Maintenance
Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China

LED Thin And Light Screen FB Product advantages

  • Cabinet Size and Weight: Cabinet Size:1000mm*1000mm*75mm
  • Right-angled Connection: The edges of each module are designed to be 45 degrees, it is easier to make right-angled connection and realize glasses-free 3D display.
  • Full Front Installation and Maintenance: FB series can be installed in a variety of outdoor environments because it can be either front or rear installed and maintained.
  • IP65/IP54 Waterproof: With IP65/IP54 waterproof, FB series meet the requirements of outdoorworking environment.
  • Naked Installation: FB series can be installed naked without cover and air conditioner because of its IP65 waterproof rate and good heat dissipation design. It requires only a simple steel structure for installation.
  • Shared Frame and Control Box: Same cabinet is compatible with different pixel pitch modules and it
  • Standard size: Cabinet size is 1000mm*1000mm and it is exactly one square meter. The screen size can be measured in multiples of one square meter.
  • High Refresh Rate and Brightness Level: FB series brightness is upto6000~9000nits and refresh rate can reach 3840Hz, ensuring that it can also have high contrast and present a clear picture in the highlighted environment.

LED Thin And Light Screen FB

Ultra-light and ultra-thin: We use aluminum cabinets, the weight of the cabinet is only 21KG/sqm, and the thickness is only 75mm.Right-angled Connection:The edges of each module are designed to be 45 degrees, it is easier to make right-angled connection and realize glasses-free3D display.

LED thin and light screen  FB series
Product numberFB3.9FB5.2FB5.9FB7.8FB10.4FB10.4DHighlight energy savingFB10.4DSuper Highlight Festival
Pixel Pitch 3.9*7.85.2*10.45.957.8110.4110.4110.41
LED configurationSMD1921SMD2727SMD2727SMD2727DIP3535DIP346DIP346
Scanning Mode(S)1/81/41/71/41/31/31/3
Pixel density (pixel /)32768184322822416384921692169216
Optimal View Distance(m)3.9-395.2-525.9-597.8-7810-10010-10010-100
Brightness (cd/)500060005500750010000
Module size (Width*high*thick mm)500*125*12500*250*12

Module resolution (Width*highpixel)128*3296*2484*4264*3248*24
Cabinet size(Width*high*thick mm)1000*1000*751000*1000*85
Cabinet resolution (Width*highpixel)256*128192*96168*168128*12896*96
Max Power Consumption(W/m²)800800300
Avg Power Consumption(W/m²)25025090
Viewing angle160°/160°120°/60°120°/60°
Cabinet materialaluminum
Cabinet weight(kg)21
degree of protection(forward/back)IP65/IP54
Application Environmentoutdoor all weather
Refresh rate(Hz)3840
Gray scale(bit)14-16Bit
Operating Temperature- 40°C~60°C
Life Span 100,000Hour
Installation / maintenance type  Front maintenance / Back maintenance

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